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DNA bound proteins such as transcription factors and modified histone proteins play an important role in gene regulation. Therefore, their genomic locations are of great interest. Usually, the location is measured using ChIP-seq and analyzed using a peak-caller. Replicated ChIP-seq experiments become more and more available. Sierra Platinum allows to call peaks for several replicates and also provides a variety of quality measures. Together with integrated visualizations, the quality measures support the assessment of the replicates and the resulting peaks. Sierra Platinum outperforms other methods. We here provide Sierra Platinum Service: the first webserver for multi-replicate peak-calling.

Usage Instruction

  1. Provide an email-address and start your own Sierra Platinum server for peak calling. We will notify you by email once the server is ready to accept your job. Your server will run 72 hours in total.
  2. Download the Sierra client and connect to your Sierra server (using the provided server settings).
  3. Upload your data using the client and start peak calling. You can improve the results by disabling or downweighting replicates based on the visual quality controls.
  4. Download your result using the client.

Status Check

If you already created your Sierra Platinum Server, you can check the state by entering your job name and password.

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Cancel Job

Cancel your running or queued Sierra Server using the job name and password:

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